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Building Teamline - a Timeline for Teams

Teamline.io 3

Over the past month at at The Flatiron School I had the pleasure of working in a group of four to build teamline.io.

For our group project at The Flatiron School, I worked with Ericka, Kevin, and Matt to prototype, design, and build a streaming timeline aggregator using rails. This post will show the evolution of the front end design, which was my primary area of responsibility.

Alpha Version

For our initial proof of concept we used timeliner js. This provided a basic framework but lacked much of the customization we required. Teamline.io 1

Beta Version

Before adding the interface polish, we built a basic version of our own spine timeline to alter events left and right. Basic filters were applied using a jquery slider, but lacked filtering by people. We also felt the color coding was not sufficient to distinguish between events. Teamline.io 2

Version 1.0

Teamline is a great way to look back in time and view a team’s accomplishments. Teamline aggregates the github activity, tweets and blog posts for a group of people and displays them on a timeline. The timeline also allows you to filter the data by team member, event type, and date.

Teamline.io 3

It was great working with Ericka, Kevin, and Matt on this project. Thanks also to Avi for being our segal architect when we needed it.

30 Second Demo

This quick demo video showcases the visual design, including color coded events with icons, an infinite scroll, and multiple filtering options.

Open Source

Our app is live at teamline.io and we open sourced the code on github.