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Introducing 'OctoColor' a Theming Tool for Octopress


I created an easy to use color generator to change the default colors of your octopress blog.


Select a color palette on OctoColor.com then paste the css into ~/octopress/sass/custom/_styles.scss.


Fork on github

From the github readme:

To add a new color swatch, include a new thumbnail and color values in index.html:

img width=”160” height=”80” src=”http://kuler-api.adobe.com/kuler/themeImages/theme_2156664.png” onclick=”change_colors(‘#3d0b06’, ‘#59140c’, ‘#6f1c11’, ‘#892a1f’, ‘#b2382a’, ‘#fff’, ‘#fff’, ‘#fff’, ‘#fff’, ‘#fff’, ‘#fff’);”

Order of colors: 1. navhex - color of nav bar 2. sidebarhex - color of side bar 3. bghex - color of page background 4. headerhex - color of header 5. footerhex - color of footer 6. sidetext - color of sidebar text 7. titletext - color of main blog title 8. navlinktext - color of navigation link item 9. footerlink - color of footer link item 10. plast - color of footer paragraph 11. subtitle - color of main blog subtitle

Integration with the Kuler API coming soon.

Pull requests welcome.

Made with <3 at the Flatiron School in NYC.