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Hello World.


My name is David Baker, an interaction designer and rails developer in NYC. I’ve worked in technology and music for 12 years doing web development, digital marketing, and visual design. I recently started an awesome three month intensive developer training program at The Flatiron School.

In 2010, I founded Spins.FM to help artists increase radio play by brining radio requests to social media. To date, we’ve processed over 1 million radio requests from music fans and continue to grow each month. Before that, I ran DavidBaker.TV a boutique digital agency working with top music labels on digital strategy and web development. Notable clients include Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Diddy, LMFAO, and 50 Cent.

I was born in Hawaii, grew up in Arizona and live in Brooklyn, NY. When I’m not on the internet I enjoy playing basketball and doing bikram yoga. You can reach me at hello@davidbaker.tv, or on twitter @davidbakertv.